About Us

a Fortress Security Services guard stands watch at the Harbor Steps in downtown Seattle WA.

A Fortress Security guard stands watch at The Harbor Steps in Downtown Seattle.


Fortress Security Services LLC was founded in 2009 by D. Deschamps Bamba.  Our first customers were the Harbor Steps apartments and commercial properties in downtown Seattle.  We still service this property as their primary security resource today, but have added many other properties that are owned by that same customer.  As our company has grown since then, we have added multiple staff and many, many new customers.

By 2010 we were servicing over 40 properties on a regular basis and by 2011 we had begun offering security services for concerts, events and festivals in the Seattle downtown area.

In 2012, we were privileged to be engaged by the government of Tonga to provide personal bodyguard services to Her Royal Highness the Queen of Tonga on her state visit to Seattle at that time.

Why should you choose Fortress Security?

We know that you have a choice when it comes to selecting your security vendor.  Fortress Security Services LLC uses
state-of-the-art cloud-based time tracking technology  that clocks and tracks the physical location of all our guard personnel via GPS satellite.  We know where our people are at all times and our technology can assure you that you are paying only for time our guards are actively and physically at their posts or on patrol.

All Fortress Security personnel are fully trained in Public Relations and CPR, as well as making no-liability citizen’s arrests and the legal details of trespassing, property and general public access laws.

We respect and support those who have risked their lives to serve our great nation, so we make a practice of hiring US military veterans whenever possible.  We find their self-discipline and ability to remain calm in difficult situations to be invaluable.

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